CPL League Table Prediction – Charlie Pomroy

CPL League

Ten teams, 3 rounds of games and then the top four go into the play offs to decide our premier league champion. At the other end still unknown how many, if any, will be relegated but for fun we will imagine the bottom two are forced to play off against the top two from CL2, the losing teams relegated and the winners play in premier league.

10th- Prey Veng

They finished 5th in CL2 so any hope of not finishing 10th will take all almighty effort. Vishaka little brother also knows that any player showing promise or performing will be taken so it really is hard to see anything other than bottom for Prey Veng.

9th- Kirivong

Venta is doing a decent job and they showed in the league cup that they’re capable of a surprise. They have Yannick, who for me, is one if the best players in the league. My fear is they will start the season slow and then spend time catching up, losing momentum and then losing interest. I hope they give Venta time.

8th- Angkor Tiger

They’ve done the usual Tiger dance, great pre season, good signings and I bet they will even start the season well. They’ll beat one of the big boys early on and then when the orange suit is running round Hanuman singing “we’re going to win the League” we can all watch the inevitable slide down the table to 8th.

7th- Boeung Ket

They’re a strange club and impossible to know what they will do or achieve. They have history, cracking fan base and can attract quality. Why are they struggling so much?

6th- ISI

This would represent a good first season for ISI. Talks of the top 4 are a little premature I think but stranger things have happened in football.

5th- Tiffy Army

They will be their usual robust selves, organized, hard to beat and capable of real quality.

4th- Svay Rieng

Really excited about seeing Pep Munoz team in action. Their League Cup campaign was a disaster but they’ve had time to gel and pre season three looked good

3rd- Nagaworld

They will be big challengers this year and if throat two Brazilians keep doing their thing no one will want to meet these in the play off rounds.

2nd- Crown

Crown to finish second but I believe they will win the play offs. They know how to get things done but with the AFC Cup also on their minds they’ll be half to get into the top 4 and go about their business from there 

1st- Vishaka

Something about them just says they’re are ready for the next level. The squad is strong, plenty of match winners, all the ingredients to be a great club.

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