CPL Matchday 4: Round Up

CPL Matchday 4

Week four completed and there is already big questions that need to be answered. Can anyone stop Haber from scoring a header? Are Crown going to clean sweep everything? Have Boeung Ket risen from the dead? Is time up for Alistair at Tiger?

Saturday… .

The weekend opened with ISI taking Svay Rieng all the way to the end only to be undone by a Marcus Haber header.

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ISI 1-2 Svay Rieng

Sunday… …

Four games on an action packed Sunday that was not lacking in drama to say the least.

It’s still early days but it’s looking like a long hard season ahead for Kirivong. Make no mistake many teams will lose to Prey Veng along the way but Kirivong need to put on big performances at home against the teams around them and today they did not. Going on 0-1 at half time they came out second half and looked like the same team we were heaping praise on during the League Cup. Romario equalized only to see Prey Veng win it late on when Zaw finished at the back post. Prey Veng are the surprise package right now, seven points from the opening twelve is over achievement.

Is time up for Alistair Heath or does the problem run deeper at the club? On the surface is a brilliantly run club with an exciting future. It was a smart move to announce the stadium after being smashed by Boeung Ket but what can they do tomorrow? Take nothing away from Army, this was as good as away performance as you’ll see from any side in the division but it was against a Tiger side that is quite simply not good enough. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow the chairman isn’t on the front page of a newspaper donating something to somewhere, anything to not be focusing on the pitch.

The scoreline suggests this was a close encounter but in reality it was a class performance from Crown for 70 minutes and just showed the gap in class between the two sides. Goals from Sochiviea and a double from Neito made it 3-0 after an hour and then Naga hot back to make it a uncomfortable last 20 minutes but nothing that Crown couldn’t handle.

Saving the big drama for last. This was a game that you want to show as an advert for  Cambodian football. It had everything. Vishaka took the lead with a penalty only to be pegged back before half time with Zogba scoring. In the second half Vishaka took the lead again when Jorge scored only again to be pegged back a few minutes later. Lots of stoppages amounted to a total of twelve minutes being added at the end of the game. On 90 minutes the game was heading for a draw only for Boeung Ket to snatch the winner. Pandemonium!!! The Vishaka bench in disbelief and it took a total of six minutes for the game to restart. When it did, Boeung Ket punched again, 4-2 with Chenteka grabbing two of them and looking good.

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