CPL Matchday 5: Preview


The international break is over and now it’s back to business with CPL going into week 5 and CL2 opening weekend.


Prey Veng get back to it and they’re up against a Tiffy Army side fresh from causing Alistair Heath to lose his job after beating Tiger 3-0 last time out. Army have not been at their best this season so far but will always be one of the toughest teams to beat. Prey Veng are the “accy killer” every week, they could roll over and lose or they could hit six and smash teams out of sight.

The evening game will see Marcus Haber licking his lips at the prospect of taking on Tiger who already look like they want the season to end. Svay Rieng will have no worries dismantling this team.


Onto Sunday and it looks like, after many years of the idea being talked about but never practiced, games are moving more and more into the evening time kick off meaning fans can enjoy games cooler and with families and friends without having to skip work or school. This Sunday we have some mouth watering ties and it goes without saying the clash of the titans comes from Prince Stadium where Vishaka play Crown. Svay Rieng nailed on to get 3 points so one or both teams will be kicking themselves Sunday night because: lose and that gap might already be too big or if they draw then both slip further away and Svay Rieng don’t look like they’re in any kind of mood to be giving up anything this season.

Elsewhere Boeung Ket host Kirivong in what should be as routine win and if they make it look routine then Venta could be going to the top of the sack race. ISI will host the disappointing Nagaworld, who for all their League Cup hype, have started this season poor and will need to find a way back. Beating teams like ISI is a good place to start.


Prey Veng 3-1 Army

Svay Rieng 6-1 Tiger

ISI 1-3 Nagaworld

Vishaka 1-3 Grown

Boeung Ket 3-1 Kirivong

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