CPL Week 2 – What Did We Learn?

CPL Week 2

The second week of the second ever Cambodian Premier League is now over and we were again treated to bumper crowds, a ton of goals and great football. What though did we learn from the latest round of football?

Here’s the BPVE take on things

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Satoshi and the CPL are doing a great job

Last year we were the first people to point out when things were not good in the CPL, so this year it is only fair when we point out when things are going well. Satoshi has added glitz and glamour to the CPL, which in turn has led to more fans coming. Yes there still needs to be improvements, but so far so good.

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Phnom Penh Crown are not invisible

After winning the League Cup and Super Cup the betting money was on a Crown clean sweep, but Pep Munoz and PKR Svay Rieng showed that they can be beaten. This does not mean that they should be written off, but it is definitely game on this season.

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ISI are turning into a huge club

A funny statement considering they did lose 5-0, but they also managed to bring 1,600+ fans to one of the best new stadiums in Cambodia. The chairman is trying to create a fan friendly club and so far he seems to be succeeding. With that being said from a football side you cannot be losing 5-0 to Prey Veng……

Angkor Tiger slump continues

Tiger signed a lot of players in the summer, but many have questioned if they are as good as the ones that they let go. Losing 4-1 at Boeung Ket just goes to show how far behind the chasing pack they are.

People are watching football

One of the biggest things we learned is that people are watching football again, both at stadiums and on TV, with both seeming to feed off of each other. Stadiums are filled to the brim, while TV numbers are at record levels. This can only help with sponsorship, which helps incomes, which helps develop the beautiful game. Things are good for Cambodian football.

The nation is ready for a Second Division

The second division of Cambodia has always felt like and afterthought, but judging by how well things have been going with CPL 1, we need a viable CPL 2 so that clubs can dream about rising to the top. Let us not forget that Visakha, ISI and Prey Veng both cut their teeth in the second-tier.

The CPL though need to avoid the mistakes of last year and make sure there is enough funding, so we do not again see clubs going bankrupt.

There’s lot of coaching talent in Cambodia

With two of the best coaches in Cambodia, namely Conor Nestor and Colum Curtis leaving the Kingdom for bigger jobs it just shows what a great starting ground the CPL can be for aspiring managers. Hopefully the trend continues of us producing great coaches, with them ideally getting the chance to do things such as manage in the AFC Champions League whilst still in Cambodia.

Overall, what did we learn from CPL week 2? We learnt that for the first time in a long time, things are actually pretty good in the world of Cambodian football.

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