Desportol Offer Sponsorship to Bou Samnang


Usually losing a race means that you disappear into insignificance, but that is not the case for Bou Samnag, who has now described herself as “famous” and is receiving both cash and offers from a number of top companies.

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The Bou Samnang phenomena

During her 5000 meter race a torrential downpour hit Cambodia making it rather difficult to run, but Bou persevered even after realizing that she had no chance of winning. This grit and determination ended up initially making local news, before going viral through major outlets such as the BBC.

And it did not stop there, with Prime-Minister Hun Sen and his wife also gifting the athlete $10,000, the same amount for scoring a goal in the football for her grit and determination in finishing the event.

And while these stories usually die off, that has not been the case fro Bou Samnang who declared at the Morodok Techo Stadium that was “now famous” as scores of adoring fans lined up to have photos taken with.

Desportol offer to sponsor Bou Samnang?

She has declared that she will continue with here athletics career, but there might also be chances for in both media and sponsorship, with various companies queuing up to be associated with the tenacious athlete.

One such company is the sports apparel brand Desportol, most well known for kitting out Tennis Cambodia, Soft Tennis Cambodia, as well as Next Step FC.

Speaking directly to us country representative of BPVE Kelvin Law stated “Desportol fashion brand would like to offer to become her Lifetime Sponsor for both sport and fashion needs and provide 12 pieces of her choice per year”.

And while the athlete is yet to reply to the offer, it is likely we will be seeing her again and potentially while being kitted out by Desportol.

You can read about Desportol here.

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