Gareth Johnson named as Director of Football at Angkor City FC

Director of Football at Angkor City FC

Sports journalist, entrepreneur and media officer at Angkor City Football Club Gareth Johnson has been named Director of Football for the 2023-24 season.

The move, whilst not new has been announced to coincide with the club signing Timorese international Cristiavo, the first major signing for both Gareth Johnson, as well as Angkor City FC under their new guise.

The club who were formally known as Next Step FC rebranded earlier thus year in order to not only comply with Cambodian Premier League (CPL) licensing laws, but also to appear more “professional”.

To read about the rebranding of Next Step FC click here.

Gareth Johnson named as Director of Football

According to Charlie Pomroy owner of Angkor City Football Club the move was a natural one, with him stating “Gareth has helped out a lot since we first turned professional in so many areas. He’s well known for his success in business, which is exactly why we need him in charge of that side of the club”.

Gareth himself was also pleased to talk about his new role stating the following “I have already been doing media, fund raising and a whole heap pf other jobs for the club, so being Director of Football was a position I simply could not turn down. I’d also like to thank Charlie and the club for having so much confidence in me”

Who is Gareth Johnson?

A native of the UK he has lived in Asia most of his adult life. He founded Young Pioneer Tours in 2008 and has since been involved in a number of start-ups prior to joining Angkor City FC.

He is also a well mown journalist in Cambodia and has written for the Khmer Times, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Investment Review and BPVE.

This is to be his first role as a Director of Football.

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