Eam Ratana Joins ISI Revolution

Eam Ratana

Back in May after Cambodia exited the SEA Games we spoke with Eam Ratana, Toi to his friends, as he was coming to terms with the national teams exit and the liquidation of his club Soltilo Angkor.

Six weeks later the midfield maestro is back on the BPVE couch with his former coach Charlie Pomroy talking about his new club ISI and their ambitions for their first season in CPL.

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Eam Ratana
CP: You’ve just signed for ISI, how does it feel?

ER: I  feel very excited to be here at ISI. It’s the first time that I move play with a team outside of our Next Step group in Siem Reap. It’s also a new challenge for me which is always exciting.

CP: What’s your first impression of the club?

ER: First impression is this is a club that has a clear goal and good plan to achieve it. That’s why I trust them that coming here is a good option for me to improve myself.

During his first interview with us Toi had expressed his desire to move to Phnom Penh but behind the scenes Angkor Tiger were working hard to get the best cuts from the Soltilo carcus with many of us thinking the deal for Toi to Tiger was a formality.

Eam Ratana
CP: Many thought you were going to Tiger, what made you change your mind?

ER: Of course everyone knew that Tiger were coming in for me. We’re very close to signed a contract with each other, but Tiger has a big problem right at the core and they can not provide me with what I need. ISI gives me stability and a challenge so that why I change my mind.

ISI go into their debut season in the premier league and for many of us is just a matter of time before they become a giant force in Cambodia.

CP: Where can ISI finish this season?

ER: We want to be champion but we know the reality of that in this first season is very small. We do have a target of of top 4 and to show everybody that we deserve to play in Cambodian Premier League.

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