Another One Bites The Dust – EDC FC to Fold


One of Cambodia’s. Most iconic clubs and the 2022 CPL 2 Champions EDC FC have ceased operations according to a statement on their social media.

The club whose full title is Electrocute Du Cambodge Football Club stated that it would be their last day of operation, but that they would eb keeping the Facebook page in hopes of coming back one day.

Rumors had been rife that the club were folding after they stopped paying their players last month, but it had been hoped they would continue in some form.

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Why are they folding?

No one quite knows, but it is seemingly related to both club licensing and the increased costs involved with modern Cambodian football.

Despite winning the CPL 2 last year the club were seemingly overlooked for promotion due to their state owned status and much like other clubs in the division had faced increasing costs without increased revenue.

Despite promises from the CPL to “raise 3 million” actual incomes for clubs have largely not improved, which has led to a slew of recent club disruptions, or dropping from the league, with the most recent being Koh Kong.

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What does it mean for there league?

To say that the CPL is in crisis would not be an understatement. The new league was supposed to not just improve the overall product, but also club coffers. Currently the league has less active members than the old Metfone Cambodian League and its smaller, but less rigid second tier.

Clubs who do plan to play on CPL 2. This season will rightly be worried if the competition will actually take place, with sponsors likely also staying away until things are clearer.

Who are EDC FC?

Quite simply the state owned team of the electricity company. They had played in the top flight of Cambodia since 2018, with their ninth placed finish in 2019 being their best position, although top of CPL 2 also made them the 9th best team in 2022.

There club were famous for not signing any foreign players, as well as breeding local talent, such as Sa Ty who now plays for Visakha FC. Another quirk of the club was their often criticized stadium, although some, including us considered it fairly iconic.

We can only reiterate the hopes of those of the club, that EDC FC might rise again…


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