Fate of CPL 2 To Be Decided

Fate of CPL 2

The fate of CPL 2, also known as the Cambodian Second Division is set to be discussed on May 31st by representatives from the remaining 6 clubs who have stated an intention to take part.

The invitation to the meeting, which has been sent to General Secretaries states that the meeting will take place at 10 am at the Cambodian Premier League office in Phnom Penh.

Who will be at the meeting?

The letter formally invites representatives from National Police FC, Koh Kong FC, Siem Reap FC, Next Step FC, National Football Academy and the newly formed Life FC.

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Five of the invited clubs have stated their desire to take part, while Koh Kong FC recently suggested they would not. It is not currently not known if this position has changed, or whether indeed they will attend.

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What will the likely outcome be?

For the optimistic among us it will see the six clubs agree to play each other three times meaning 15 matches and playoffs, or 4 round meaning 20 matches and potentially playoffs.

There are many less enviable scenarios, such as less than 6 clubs. Or at worst no competition at all. The meeting does though at least though suggest that there will not be an enlarged Cambodian Premier League (CPL) 1.

Ironically this will basically mean that with 12 and 6 clubs respectively between CPL 1 and 2 that there will actually be one less club than in 2021, the last incarnation of the MetFone Cambodian League.

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What will need to be fixed?

Quite simply a lot, but chief on clubs minds will be money. None of the six clubs are rich and the elephant in the room of so many clubs going bust in the last few months has to be addressed.

This will also lead directly into another bone of contention, that of travel. Having clubs split across such a large swath of the country can only work if the aforementioned money problem is addressed.

And lastly there is the question of licensing and promotion. For CPL 2 to hold any weight it can’t just be a dead duck tournament that leads nowhere.

So, while nothing is fixed and problems remain at least some progress is finally being made.

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