Cambodian Futsal Team Invited to Mexico for FIF7 Championship


Former Cambodian futsal champions the Blue Warriors, now known as PTP FC have been invited to attend the Football World 7 Championship in Mexico according to club captain and founder Na Ra.

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What is the World 7 Championship

The World 7 Championship is an annual competition organized by “The International Football 7 Federation”, the world governing body for 7-aside football.

The body boasts 48 member nations, as well as having organized more than 80 competitions in 12 countries. And what is 7-aside football you ask? Well it is pretty much the 7 player version of football, which has eleven players, but with more in common with the 5 player variant of the sport, futsal.

And according to their site at least, their version os the most played variation of football that there is – although we could not find any information to verify this.

Held almost annually since 2011 (aside from Covid), the event sees the best 7 player teams battle it out for the world championship.

To summaries the sport – It is like an outdoor version of indoor football, but with less players….

You can see some FIF7 below

Why have the Blue Warriors/ PTP FC been invited?

Despite playing Futsal, the Blue Warriors as national champions of Cambodia were invited to take part due to the disciplines being relatively similar.

Sadly since their championship win, their funding from the Uber-rich Visakha FC disappeared and the club were for all intents defunct, at least until the invitation to compete in Mexico came along.

According to club captain and founder Na Ra, participating would be “their dream”, with him further explaining “Everyone wants to represent their nation at the highest stage and we are no different. Unfortunately without the funding from Visakha, we have no way of going”

Ans this is, potentially at least where you get to step in. Would you like to sponsor a team to go and represent Cambodia at the FIF7 competition in Mexico? Then contact club founder Na Ra via e-mail at

You can read more about FIF7 here 

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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