Football Day Three – What Did We Learn?

Football Day Three

Not only is match day three of the football over, but the qualifiers have all but been decided. What did we learn? We learned that Cambodia can achieve the impossible, getting knocked out after being given multiple lifelines…

Here’s the BPVE take on things.

Cambodia are all but out?

After beating Timor-Leste a win against Philippines would see us through. We let in a last minute equalizer. Then Timor-Leste beat the Philippines and we needed just a draw against Myanmar, we lost.

Even if Myanmar lose and we beat Indonesia this is a loss and miraculously go through it will be a defeat.

There will be new blood

The FFC chairman has gone and Honda will be gone very soon. It is time for new blood. The national team needs to take the same bold steps that were taken in creating the Cambodian Premier League.

To read about the Cambodian Premier League click here.

The NGO mentality must end

Honda coached for free and as they say you get what you pay for. Why were we grateful to have a free coach who did not even live in the country, nor watch matches?

We need to pay people and then judge them on their results. Hopefully this will drastically change with Felix working full time.

To read about Felix Dalmas becoming national manager click here.

And the winner will be!

And the winner of the 2023 SEA Games Football Competition will be Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia. How very sad that a continental federation that has just 11 clubs is so damned predicable.

Here’s to hoping we can challenge in 2025.

And the bonus round…

With lots of CPL clubs still looking for ASEAN players hopefully some of the stars will be heading our way. The CPL needs to take advantage of lower leagues, such as Timor-Leste, Laos and Myanmar to recruit players.

What did we learn then? We learned how to be disappointed – again

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