Format Almost Agreed for CPL 2


According to sources within the CPL a format has all, but been agreed for CPL 2, but there are still a few stumbling blocks before anything can be finalized.

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Foreigners in CPL 2

One of the most contentious points has been that of foreigners being allowed in the division. According to our sources clubs will be able to register 6 foreigners, with being allowed on the pitch at any one time – 2 FIFA, 1 AFC, 1 ASEAN.

There will also be no prohibition on players above 22, with previous rumors being that clubs would only be allowed to have two on the pitch at any time. Unodunedly great news for the 4 “real clubs” of the division.

There will (hopefully) be 8 clubs

As previously stated we have Next Step FC, Siem Reap FC, National Police and LIFE FC from the real clubs, as well as National Academy.

The further 4 clubs will consist of ISI reserves, Tiffy Army Reserves, as well as Visakha Reserves, although the last two come with a caveat. Both Tiffy Army and Visakha FC have stated they will only take part if the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) allow players to participate in both the Under 18’s league as well as CPL 2, much as happens in other countries.

This thus leaves us with a situation of at worst a 6 team division and at best an 8 team one,

Will clubs be financially looked after?

Essentially the 6 clubs who either went out out of business, or dropped out of the league last year were due to financial issues, with CPL match fees being far below the costs needed to either put on, or travel to a match.

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It is therefore hoped by all involved that either the CPL improves match fees, sponsorship can be raised for the league, or that some of the FIFA money that Cambodia receives ends up going to support clubs that do not have rich benefactors.

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