France vs Canada in Battle of Chambers Event

France vs Canada

At an event hosted at the Phnom Penh Roller Dome on June 22nd France took on Canada at both roller hockey and futsal in a “battle of chambers” event.

The matches which were organized by CanCham and CCI France Cambodge, the respective chambers of commerce for Canada and France, saw members take to the ring to battle it out at the two nations respective most popular sports.

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Roller Hockey – Canada 11 France 2

France vs Canada

The first of the matches was at roller hockey, similar to ice-hockey, the national sport of Canada. To say this game was a bit of a white wash would be an understatement with the French barely getting a look in.

Man of the match? Probably Frederick, who also happens to be an owner of Next Step FC.

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Futsal – Canada 5 France 6

The Futsal competition was to prove at least slightly more evenly matched, with Canada undoubtedly throwing in a few ringers for the match. Initially both teams were notching each other goal for gaol before France went into a 6-3 lead.

Canada though fought back bravely to make it 6-5 and in the end were unlucky not to grab a draw.

Overall though the vent was seen as a huge success, with both chambers laying on food and drinks for participants and the main theme of the close relationship between the two chambers being well presented.

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