From The Dugout: Best Foreign Import Ever

Best Foreign Import Ever

I’ve been truly blessed to have coached some top players in my career. Each has their own special quality and a place in my heart. I’m often asked who is the best I’ve coached in Cambodia. This question often leads to a massive debate that inevitably leads to the ultimate question: Who is the best foreign player to have played in Cambodia?

Who Are The Contenders…?

Starting with players I’ve coached; Yannick without doubt is different class, Bruno was unbelievable last season, Fumiya from my time at Soltilo was an incredible talent with technical ability second to none. Barry Lelouma & Victor both trained with me at Soltilo also and I would’ve loved to have them in any side I coached.

However we’re talking about the very best to have played in the country and that opens up the choices to an embarrassment of riches.

Romario when at Army, Haber is different class obviously and I’m a massive fan of David Julien as well but none of them have achieved enough to be crowned the best.

The Top 5 on my eyes are…

Currently playing Neito is different class and unplayable on his day. Kader goal scoring record is amazing and earns him a spot in the top five five for me. Then we need to go back a few years to the all conquering Crown with George Bisan scoring 30+ goals in one season. Shane Booysen in his prime was a class act and showman and even at Police was the stand out player. Then of course there is the genius that is Privat, the Svay Rieng legend is so smart and his movement kills you.

Who is the best?

In my opinion I have to give this to Shane Booysen. A role model, solid professional, big game performer and all round nice guy.

Shane Booysen you’re hear by crowned;

Charlie Pomroy Best Foreign Player

Cambodia, 2000-2023.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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