From The Dugout: Inside the Callum Brooks Move To Next Step

From The Dugout: Inside Callum Brooks Move To Next Step

Next Step FC made our first summer announcement last week that we will bet will bringing over fellow Brit Callum Brooks to join the club as we continue to build.

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No Job Title But a Clear Job Description…

Although we haven’t officially given him a job title yet after many discussions it is very clear to both myself and Callum what he needs to do in terms of his job description…. Get stuck in. As it stands, we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to get the club ready for the new season. Financial stability and sustainability are top of that list then we go about building our squad. Every aspect of building a football club takes people, takes time and needs football people who understand the vision of the club. Callum brings all of that and more.

Bringing The English Style To Cambodia… 

I’m not sure there is an English style of coaching if I’m honest. I’ve worked with a lot of English coaches over the years and the only thing I think we all have in common is our love and passion for the game. I’m often called ‘crazy’ on the sidelines or told to ‘calm down’. In all honesty it’s almost impossible to do. The English live and breath football and it’s as much as part of our culture as any religion. At school it forges friendships and divides the playground. What I can promise it’s that with two Englishman on the touchline there will be no shortage of arm waving and jumping up and down and I’m sure some truly memorable celebrations when we score goals. 

Could He Become The Head Coach?

I’ve always believed my own personal career was going to be forged in the dugout coaching. That’s where I plan to be this season. However what cannot be ignored is that Next Step was a club built from an academy. I started Next Step with $75 and 4 footballs back in 2013 with Keo Sophal. It means that whoever comes into the club in the higher positions needs to be family and I have to be willing to let go of that side of things. Callum is someone I trust and could go into a technical director role with me as head coach or we could go the other way and he become the coach and I move upstairs. All options are on the table. 

We’re delighted to bring Callum across and what I can promise fans is we have added real quality to our coaching team. Together our Englishness Is sure to motivate and excite the players and fans.

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This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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