From The Dugout: Quitting Is Not An Option……


BMC already gone. Now reports are circling that another three teams good be going the
same way. AEU are rumoured to be close to going out of business as well as Next Step
being one two more also about to close… Let me tell you here and now Next Step is here to stay.

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First Session Back…

Our first session back was one of excitement and enjoyment having been away from the
players for so long. The first session after summer is always the hardest with everybody
feeling a little relaxed. The break we’ve had is longer than usual and we’re still not fully
back given we won’t be in the League Cup this year.

Pre Season Schedule……

On Saturday (4th Feb) we face Soltilo at Svay Thom Stadium and Svay Rieng on the 25th
of the month but they will play Tiger in the League Cup that weekend so we will be up
against their second string. Both will give us a chance to see where the players are and
allow me coach Callum a chance to grasp Cambodian football and the culture here. His
non league coaching career in the UK will serve him well and the more hours he gets on
there grass the better it will be for everyone. Officially we will not start pre season
training until May 1st and with some big news imminent the reason for the late start will
become clear after the big news is announced. Until then we’re open and anyone that
feels they could cut it at this level wants to train they can.

Financial Stability Is Top Priority…

We had some very public financial issues last year and it felt like we would never get out.
What we learned were hard life lessons and the only thing I knew for sure was that
stopping wasn’t an option. We’ve worked hard in the off season on developing the
commercial side of the club and those little seeds that we had planted last year are
starting to grow. We’re not the complete package and still learning. Our small group of
dedicated staff are running lots of jobs and we’re developing something truly special and unique.
Big news to be announced on Feb 8th.
Mark your diary.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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