World Cup Winner Gerald Pique and Next Step FC

Gerald Pique and Next Step FC

While there are multiple facets to running a successful football club good old fashioned networking, spliced with some luck certainly help the cause.

And so it came to pass today that legendary Spanish centre-back and former world cup winner Gerard Piqué had an article published on ABA News about Next Step FC of the Cambodian second-tier.

What is the link?

Now long retired, Gerard Piqué now plays in a legends tournament known as the Kings League for Jijantes. At this club he has a colleague called Sergi Sauras, who aside from playing football is also an architect.

Through a series of friends of friends Saurus ended up connecting to enigmatic Next Step FC owner Charlie Pomroy about building an eco-freindly stadium within Cambodia.

Fast forward a few months and now not only has the Catalan been granted the deal to create Next Step’s first ever stadium, but plans were afoot to purchase the land and turn the whole project very much into a reality.

You can read about the eco-stadium here.

The Next Step FC story

Despite coming second bottom in the 2022 Cambodian Premier League (CPL) 2 Next Step FC have not only survived where other bigger clubs have folded, but have also to an extent thrived through the passion the clubs management.

This has seen the club not only bring in a number of new sponsors, but also fans from around the world, with Gerard Piqué now apparently among them. His interest according to the article being piqued from Sauras talking about the club as they trained.

To read about the Next Step FC and BPVE deal click here.

And with a former world cup winner, as well as an architect that plays football in front of 300,000 fans every week on Twitch now involved with the club surely the next step, namely raising funds for the stadium should be a mere formality.

You can read the translated article here.

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