Hong Kong Street Workout Championship Makes Comeback

Hong Kong Street Workout Championship

After a 3 year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Street Workout Hong Kong (SWHK) hosted the Hong Kong Street Workout Championship 2023 on June 18th.

The competition sees groups divided into men’s open, women’s open, as well as rookie groups for both sexes. Each group features gold, silver and bronze medalists, as well as prizes for “the best fancy dynamic movement/power dynamic movement/static movement”

Hong Kong Street Workout Championship
And what do they win?

Aside from the prestige that winning any tournament gives, the top two mens and women’s athletes in the open tournament will be eligible to represent Hong Kong in the World Street Workout Championships 2023 to be held in Latvia on August 22.

The World Street workout Championships have been held annually since 2011, including during the pandemic. This will be the first time that they have been hosted in Latvia.

Aside from representing Hong Kong winners will also receive gifts from the event sponsors, which include sports fashion apparel brand Desportol. Desportol have recently made waves in Cambodia where they are now providing sports kit and apparel to a number of clubs and national associations.

To read about Desportol and Next Step FC click here.

Who were the winners?

The top two in the mens and women’s, who will thus go to represent the city state were, Cheung Hin Ting, Mok Chun Hong (men), and Wong Cho Yan, Kwan Ming Yan (women).

As well as the overall winners Desportol also sponsored eight further athletes, all of whom received street workout jerseys – they were as follows: 

Women’s rookie group: Women’s rookie group: Kwan Ming Yan, Chan Pui Ki, Chan Lok Yi

Women’s open Group: Second place – Kwan Ming Yan

Men’s rookie group : Third place – Chan Yin Fei

Men’s Open Group (Best) : Champion Cheung Hin Ting Jay

BPVE and no doubt Desportol will undoubtedly be following their progress as team Hong Kong take on the world this August in Latvia. 

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