Inaugural Desportol Pre-Season Cup to Kick-off

Inaugural Desportol Pre-Season Cup to Kick-off

The inaugural Desportol Pre-Season Cup is set to kick-off tomorrow when Kingdom of Football take on Next Step FC in a one off exhibition match.

The match which will begin at 2pm will be streamed live from the Kingdom of Football Facebook page.

You can check out their page here.

Who is playing?

Kingdom of Football are not a professional side, but instead represent the popular social media platform. The team are made up of professional and semi-professional players that are interested in playing within Cambodia.

So far they have played two matches against Prey Veng and Boeung Ket and despite losing both have put up brave displays against their professional rivals. They are managed by Arran James Horton.

You can read our interview with him here

Next Step FC are the CPL 2 club managed by the enigmatic Charlie Pomroy. Last season they came 11th in the second-tier, but have since been on an investment and recruitment drive that the club feel will make them able to compete during the 2023-24 season.

Desportol Pre-Season Cup

The initial idea for Kingdom of Football was to simply play three exhibition games before sports apparel brand Desportol came on board as sponsors of the match against  Next Step FC.

It is now hoped that this could potentially be expanded from next season to potentially include multiple sides.

Desportol have recently become the kit suppliers for Soft Tennis Cambodia,Tennis Cambodia, as well as kitting out both Next Step FC and Kingdom of Football FC.

You can read about Desportol here.

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