Interview with Life FC General Secretary Peter Koo

Life FC

With the news that Sihanoukville will get its first professional football team, BPVE reached out to Peter Koo, the General Secretary of the club for an exclusive interview about the project.

To read about the new Sihanoukville club click here.

Who is Peter Koo and what are Life FC?

Peter is a national of Korea that was brought up in Sihanoukville and now leads the Life FC project.

Life FC itself have been formed in association with the ~Life University institution with the hopes of not just being the first pro club in the city, but also taking part in CPL 2.

Peter, can you give us the background to the club?

Life FC – Life Football Club is the first ever professional football club in Sihanoukville Province. We are in association with Life University, and our stadium is in the campus.

Sihanoukville is a city that is well-known for its beaches and islands, and it is also growing economically. Life Football Club will be joining the Cambodian Premier League 2nd division this coming season, and am in the preparation stage at the moment.

What led to your invitation to join the league?

Life FC – The Football Federation of Cambodia reached out encouraging us to create a club for the city and joining the Cambodian Premier League 2. We believe in the project and have not looked back since.

We believe that the city deserves a professional club that would compete in the highest-level, and we hope to continue working hard towards excellence. We have been elected as an “observe member” of the football federation of Cambodia, and we are excited to see where we are headed!

Are you confident CPL 2 will happen this year?

Life FC – The Cambodian Premier League is an excellent league with great members. We believe the league 2 will continue.

 I am confident of the growth of football in Cambodia, and the league has been such a pivotal and an important platform. It is absolutely amazing to see the impact the league has been to the development of football in Cambodia.

How are you preparing to compete in the competition?

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