We’re halfway through the league cup group stages and for many this has been an eye opening and to others confirming what we already know. Here at #BPVENews we are going to hand out some halftime awards.

Firstly the week three round up…..

Army Beat Prey Veng to stay top of the group, Kirivong, yannick, destroyed BK and EDC got back to winning ways over Koh Kong. On Sunday Svay Rieng second half display killed off Tiger and it looks like the Siem Reap giants are in for a long hard season. They will argue there are no foreign players but the reply will always be; be better prepared. There is no doubt Heath has the coaching ability to take a team to the top but is he getting the backing? Soltilo were destroyed by an impressive Naga and ISI ran out comfortable winners against Police.

Here are the official first ever CLC Halftime awards……

  • Half-Time Champions Elect Award

It has to be Nagaworld. 3 out 3 wins so far but also done with style. Their new home is rocking and many will say they haven’t been tested yet but to those people I would say you can only beat what’s in front of you and they’re doing that with class.

  • Half-Time Dark Horses Award

Kirivong have been excellent and they could go far in this competition. If they were to reach the last 4 i think that would have been an amazing achievement. Do they have the quality to go all the way?

  • Half-Time Best Coach Award

Sabone Venta and his Kirivong boys march on.

  • Half-Time Most Exciting Team Award

Every ISI game is a thriller. Whether that is because of the fans or the players on the field what’s happening there is exciting.

  • Half-Time Best Game Award

Crown Svay Rieng wasn’t the thriller we expected but a real battle of wits. For pure entertainment Tiger vs ISI on week 1 was brilliant.

  • Half-Time Biggest Let Down Award

Tiger & BK both having youth development systems exposed.

  • Half-Time Shocker Award

Has to be Koh Kong right now. All these signings and promise and its 0-3 for them.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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