League Cup Review (Week 6)

League Cup Review (Week 6)
League Cup Review (Week 6)
League Cup Review

It was another explosive round of action in the League Cup with every game giving ensuring the the FFC announcement of Felix as the new national head coach, wasn’t the only thing fans were talking about.

Police VS Ankgor Tiger (2-1)

Prediction 2-1

I #calledit!! The biggest result of the weekend and one which leaves Angkor Tiger fans wishing this competition would just finish so they can tuck their tails and run into hiding. The very fact they cannot catch Soltilo ensuring they finish bottom of the group is the biggest embarrassment for the club. Plans for Tiger town on hold as the chairman will need to find a way to persuade Alistair Heath to return from his perfectly timed, albeit suspect, trip home to the UK.

ISI VS Crown (0-1)

Prediction 1-3

This was an incredibly enjoyable game to watch from a coaches perspective but not so much for the fans. ISI produced a surprisingly resolute performance denying PPC any real chance to get into gear. Not that they need to, going into the knockout stages regardless and are clearly the team to beat. Are we going to witness a Manchester United, early EPL, style dominance beginning to form? Only Vishaka or Svay Rieng could do anything about it!

Soltilo VS Svay Rieng (0-4)

Prediction 0-4

#calledit AGAIN!! The easiest game of the weekend to predict and at half time Soltilo would’ve been worrying they could be getting a, #Tigerstyle,  thrashing but managed to put on a second half display filled with spirit and determination.

Prey Veng VS Boeung Ket (4-2)

Prediction 1-2

#fail with this prediction. A game best left never watched if you a defender. Both defences and goalkeepers having an absolute nightmare.

BK have it all to do to stay in the competition whilst Prey Veng could become a threat the later they stay in the comp but need a miracle

EDC VS Kirivong (1-1)

Prediction 2-3

For those wondering it was the good EDC that turned up this weekend and they gave a good account of themselves. Kirivong reverted to type and Venta was given a hard reminder of how much he has to do to get this club moving.

Koh Kong VS Vishaka (0-1)

Prediction 0-4

A decent performance from Koh Kong but they’ll still have to settle for bottom place in this group.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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