Organizers Look to Legacy of SEA Games

Legacy of SEA Games

Organizers for the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia have stated that while it might not be the best run in Asia, it would still leave a legacy, according to Vath Chamroeun, secretary-general of the Cambodia SEA Games Organizing Committee (CAMSOC).

The comments came at a signing ceremony where seven new sponsors for the games were signed up.

Speaking to attendees he stated ““We know that Cambodia’s technological standards don’t meet those of other countries,”, with him further adding that Cambodians wanted to use the games to “transform” the image of the country.

What are the current issues?

There have been controversies related to the naming of various events, as well as even the cost of broadcasting rights, but more importantly some questions have been asked if everything will be “ready” on time.

This includes various stadia, as well as the accommodation for athletes. Although it should be noted that were Cambodia to have issues in this area, it would be far from the first hosts to have gone through this.

At the games in the Philippines the Cambodian football team notoriously did not have accommodation the night before their first match.

Legacy of SEA Games

So, while there are bound tube some hiccups, through hosting their first major event since the 1960’s it is hoped the overall image of then country will improve and of course lead to more events bing held within the Kingdom.

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For now though stakeholders are being urged to come together in order to achieve success, with Vath Chamroeun further adding “all Cambodians must be unified and, especially, the government must support them in doing so”.

Should that happen we can be confident of witnessing a very special SEA Games

The League Cup might not have been the correct respect by everyone at the start, but it is fast becoming a really popular and competitive addition to the Cambodian football calendar.

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