Media Press Centre Launched for SEA Games

Media Press Centre

According to a press release from Media and Broadcasting Commission a press conference will be held at 10 am on Saturday April 29th to launch the Media Press Centre for the 32nd SEA Games to be hosted in Cambodia.

The press conference, which will be hosted at the new Morodok Techo Stadium is to launch both the Media Press Centre (MPC), as well inform attendees about regulations related to both coverage of the event, as well as filming of the games.

To read about the Morodok Stadium click here.

The official opening ceremony will be held at the same venue on May 6th.

Who is invited to attend the event?

The vent is open to all media who haves successfully registered for the 32nd Southeast Asian Games which are being hosted in Cambodia for the first time.

Journalist and media partners were invited to apply for a number of moths ago through the government supported website, with further applications closed as of this week.

Despite some controversy over costs related to the broadcasting of the games, particularly from Thailand the 32nd Games are expected to be not only one of the best attended yet, but also the most watched from a broadcasting point of view.

You can read about the broadcasting spat here.

This is one of the first SEA Games where not only television, nut social media channels are being fully utilized in order to give more people access to the games.

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