More Loan Players Expected in CPL 2 Following Hun Sen Cup Rule Change

More Loan Players EXpected

More young Khmer players are expected to go out on loan at lower league clubs due to the change in the rules of the Hun Sen Cup, according to a number of stakeholders within the game.

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What has changed and why does it matter?

Previously only local players could play in the Hun Sen Cup with foreigners barred from all all rounds. This was put in place to help give young players more pitch time, but instead resulted in the hoarding of young players for the national cup.

The change now means that up to 4 foreign players can be on the pitch. The change is expected to raise both the competitiveness of the cup, but also give young players more game time in general.

The drive to change the rules came from a number of clubs, particularly Phnom Penh Crown and PKR Svau Rieng of the Cambodian Premier League.

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Why are more loan players expected in CPL 2?

Essentially with the need to hoard young players no longer there clubs will be more inclined to loan out players, with Phnom Penh Crown General-Manager Heang Ny telling BPVE “We pushed for this change and are very exited about it. For certain players being able to loan them out to a lower league side so that they can play a whole season is much better than having them training, but not playing in the first team”.

And from a lower league point of view clubs were also hoping to gain from the new rule, with Charlie Pomroy of Next Step FC telling us “We are pleased about the new rule as it will allow us to showcase our foreign talent, but also give us the potential to loan more players from bigger clubs. To any teams out there looking to develop prayers,, we are interested in taking some on loan”.

The exact rules for how many players a club can loan out, or in for the 2023-24 CPL season has yet to be announced, but the changes to the Hun Sen Cup rules are at least expected to lead to an increase in such signings.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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