Thrilling MPL-KH Regular Season Week 4, Day 1: CFU Gaming, Burn X Flash, and D-Roar Legends Secure Impressive Wins


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League-Cambodia (MPL-KH) Regular Season reached its Week 4, Day 1, and fans were treated to a spectacular display of talent and teamwork. The arena was buzzing with excitement as Team SV clashed with CFU Gaming, Burn X Flash took on See You Soon, and D-Roar Legends faced off against Impunity KH.

CFU Gaming Triumphs Over Team SV (2-0)

In the highly anticipated matchup between Team SV and CFU Gaming, it was CFU Gaming that emerged victorious, winning 2-0. The clash was a nail-biting affair, with both teams displaying their skills and strategies to the fullest. The crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout the match, erupting into cheers as CFU Gaming secured their well-deserved victory.

The match was characterized by intense battles, incredible hero plays, and clutch moments that had the spectators shouting in awe. CFU Gaming’s stellar performance not only solidified their position in the league but also left fans eagerly awaiting their future matchups.

Thrilling MPL-KH Regular Season Week 4

Burn X Flash Shines, Defeats See You Soon (2-1)

Another thrilling showdown unfolded as Burn X Flash faced off against See You Soon. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams putting up a valiant fight. Burn X Flash ultimately secured a 2-1 victory, but not without See You Soon pushing them to their limits.

The crowd, unable to contain their excitement, almost never sat down as they witnessed incredible team plays, strategic maneuvers, and jaw-dropping comebacks. Burn X Flash’s triumphant moment was met with roaring applause and cheers from their dedicated fans.

Thrilling MPL-KH Regular Season Week 4

D-Roar Legends Dominates Impunity KH (2-0)

D-Roar Legends showcased their dominance in a commanding 2-0 victory over Impunity KH. From the onset, it was clear that D-Roar Legends had a firm grip on the game, displaying remarkable coordination and precision in their gameplay.

Impunity KH put up a fierce fight, but D-Roar Legends’ strategic prowess and exceptional teamwork proved too much to handle. The victory solidifies D-Roar Legends’ position as a formidable contender in the MPL-KH Regular Season.

Thrilling MPL-KH Regular Season Week 4

As Week 4, Day 1 of the MPL-KH Regular Season concluded, fans left the arena with unforgettable memories of thrilling battles and remarkable victories. The competition remains fierce, and teams continue to raise the bar as they strive for glory in the league.

Stay tuned for more action-packed matchups in the coming weeks as the MPL-KH Regular Season unfolds, promising more excitement, and unforgettable moments on the battlefield.

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