Naga Edge out Visakha in Fiesta Affair

Naga Edge out Visakha

It was the first of what promises to be four very hotly contested semi-finals and it lived up to that expectation. Anyone under the illusion these semi’s were going to be a walk in the park for Vishaka were in for somewhat of a shock.

Tackles Were Flying In…

Much like those famous matches we remember from back in the day between Arsenal, United, Chelsea & Liverpool, games between Cambodia’s top four teams will always be more about the battle rather than the quality of the football.

There were early exchanges and several times during the game both teams were being pulled apart.

Naga Strike Early…

Naga opened the scoring in the 8th minute with a with a neat finish from Dav Nim. Naga had started the game brightly having the better of possession and quickly able to regain the ball or foul before letting Vishaka get into the game. This was frustrating the life out of the Vishaka bench who were also visibly frustrated at the repeated fouling.

After that the game really could have gone either way, but in the end NagaWorld were able to do just enough to hang on.

NagaWorld 1 Visakha 0 – One goal is not enough….

The return leg will likely be just as cagey and you’d have to assume that Naga will need to score at the Prince Stadium. The one goal advantage is an advantage of course, but this Vishaka team are a beginning to show signs of becoming a different animal and in front of their home fans they’ll be wanting to blow Naga away.

Overall it was a tense semi final which was a nice change of pace compared to recent matches. Sometimes Cambodian football can be all too predictable, but in this match at least fans were treated to a true battle between two of the best teams in the country.

The League Cup might not have been the correct respect by everyone at the start, but it is fast becoming a really popular and competitive addition to the Cambodian football calendar.

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