New Sihanoukville Football Club to Enter CPL

Sihanoukville Football

After weeks of speculation it has finally been confirmed that the Sihanoukville football scene could well be boosted by a professional football team taking part in the Cambodian Premier League

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The news was in part confirmed by Peter Koo, the General Secretary of Life Football Club in a phone interview with BPVE.

Who are Life Football Club

According to Koo a native of Korea who grew up in Sihanoukville the club are part of the larger Life Education Institution, of which there had previously been a standalone football program.

He further added that the club were actually encouraged by the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) to not only join as an observer, but also take part in CPL 2.

Despite being the such an important city within the Kingdom Sihanoukville has yet to have a professional club represent it, with football offerings being limited to the provincial side taking part in the Hun Sen Cup.

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Will there be a CPL 2 this season?

Many clubs have announced in recent months that they will not be taking part in the division, or that they will be folding entirely, such as Soltilo Angkor FC and AEU.

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This has led many within the game to doubt if the competition will take place at all, although a number of clubs, such as Next Step FC, Siem Reap FC, National Police FC and now Life FC have confirmed their intentions to take part, should it go ahead.

The news of the formation of Life Football club will no doubt raise everyone’s hopes, with Koo stating “The club are in the process of joining CPL 2, rather than it having happened yet. I am though confident there will be a competition”. A sentiment no doubt welcomed by other stakeholders within the division.

You can check out their website here.

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