No Streaming at Hanuman Stadium

Hanuman Stadium

There is to be no live streaming at the Hanuman Stadium of League Cup matches, at least until a dispute between the Cambodian Premier League (CPL) and Siem Reap United, the owners of the stadium has been resolved.

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The dispute has arisen over who should pay to film the games at stadiums, and directly affects both Soltilo and Angkor Tiger.

Hanuman Stadium

How does streaming work in Cambodia?

Unlike other countries where streaming rights are sold as a block the CPL relies on clubs not only streaming their games, but also selling the rights. This is something slightly easier to do if you are big club, rather than a small one.

Both Soltilo and Angkor Tiger had arranged their own streaming, but this still involved Hanuman Stadium physically filming the matches, for which they charged $300.

Currently this fee has remained unpaid, with parties seemingly unable to agree who should be liable to pay it. This has meant that Hanuman Stadium have simply decided to “turn off the cameras” until they are paid their money.

Hanuman Stadium
Photo by Hanuman Stadium

Financial Implications

While the amount of money might seem trivial, it does again throw into play the problems with the 2023 League Cup. Not only is there no sponsorship, but also no prize money, a primary reason why only 14 clubs are taking part this year.

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And with gate receipts relatively low, this has meant clubs relying in their own sponsors for income, with sponsors reliant on getting exposure for their brand, something almost lacking entirely without games being streamed live.

The recent problems follow on from a number of players not being able to register for the tournament, as well as other players opting to go out on loan rather than wait out the 8 moth break within the Kingdom.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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