OpTic spark ‘rostermania’ following Major 2 as first-ever rookie signing replaces iLLey

Tom Starkey

The biggest organization in Call of Duty League (CDL) eSports, OpTic Texas, has sent shockwaves through the scene after dropping first-team flex player iLLey for challengers’ rookie Ghosty following Major 2.

Nonetheless, CDL veteran Karma says that OpTic is still likely to buy Sub Machine Gun (SMG) star Pred from Seattle Surge whenever possible, at least by the end of the season when the Aussie star’s contract ends leaving him a unrestricted free agent.

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OpTic MW2: A season of controversy

The move is the latest in a series of controversial moves by OpTic that began in the pre- season when they publicly dropped main Assault Rifle (AR) player Dashy and flex player ALLey from their main roster, with no clear indication of a replacement, only to bring them back just before the season started.

Dashy, who is arguably one of the best players in the CDL, was then dropped again after Major 1 following rumors of a bust-up between then-coach Rambo.

At that time, OpTic was then reported to be aggressively pursuing a number of top CDL players, with Australian SMG Pred top of the list, in a move that would have seen Scump move to flex and iLLey to main AR, before negotiations completely broke down.

This led to the early retirement of Scump on February 17, which arguably forced OpTic to bring Dashy back in the main AR position before the organization picked up Huke as Scump’s SMG replacement.

The saga continued after Major 2, with the team now dropping iLLey for challenger’s league rookie Ghosty, which will see OpTic field a team of Dashy, Ghosty, Shottzy, and Huke going into Major 3 playoffs.

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OpTic changes still to come?

CDL expert TacticalRab said there are more than likely more changes to come for OpTic.

“If this team finishes no higher than fourth this year then they are for sure going to make a change. Huke is for sure gone for Pred, who is a free agent at the end of this season when his contract will come to an end with Seattle Surge.”

“If I was the GM, I’d want to build around Shottzy and Dashy, bring in Pred, and find
someone who works in the flex role.”

Call of Duty veteran Karma also agreed, saying regardless of placement this year, OpTic will still be looking to make the upgrade to Pred.

“There are three events left, but if Pred and Sib are free agents at the end of the season then it’s got to be guaranteed that they are picked up by OpTic at the end of the season. Even if they win champs I don’t even think they’d pass that up.”

iLLey future still uncertain

Meanwhile, although it’s been confirmed iLLey has been fully dropped and is a free agent, his future remains unclear.

There were rumors that he could go to Vegas Legion after Prolute was dropped from the flex role. The move to Vegas would be fitting given that while iLLey was injured last year, Prolute was picked up as a temporary replacement, as well as the fact he would have been reunited with former teammate Clayster.

However, those rumors were dashed after iLLey tweeted “lol I’m not joining Vegas”, this week.

Other rumors were also squashed for a move to Florida Mutineers after the organization announced they were picking up Capsidal and Felo in their new-look roster last week. Surge has also declared they are not interested in making changes, meaning that the most likely option left is Los Angeles Guerillaz (LAG).

LAG – one of the organizations with the biggest financial backing in the league – is looking to continue improving its team following multiple changes after Major 2 which saw two rookies join their roster.

Watch this space for the outcome, with all the latest CDL news right here!

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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