Pep Guardiola: Through The Eyes Of A Coach

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City completed the treble by beating Inter Milan in the Balls Champions League Final. It’s matched the famous United 99 with Ferguson and of course we’re now all asking the question; Is Pep the greatest of all time? I believe without question he’s the best that’s ever been and I actually think there’s more to come. Pep to bring home the World Cup with England in 2030?

Stop Trying To Be Him…

I remember being stood watching a coach deliver a session on a coaching course, it was a decent session on playing out from the back. Then things started to go sideways, he’d over complicated a passing pattern and assumed too much knowledge from the group he was coaching. When asked why he did what he did his reply was”Because Pep does it with City”

Every coach on the planet has learned something from this man. Trying to be him is pointless. I’ve spent, like every coach, so many hours coaching rondos (6v2 or 3v3v+2) and variations of it. I’ve coached teams to play football the way I want it played but the foundations of the style are built around Pep.

He Is Relentless…

What makes this man so great is his relentless pursuit of excellence. He is never satisfied and doesn’t let anyone rest on their laurels. The image below is after a cup final WIN. Whilst the rest of the club celebrated, Guardiola was incensed that Sterling had delayed a run and wasn’t positioned correctly to have scored and put the game beyond doubt.

It’s the level that every coach should be looking to attain. Always be demanding the very best at 5-0 up or 1-3 down. There are no excuses.

His Tactical Notes…

Born out of Cruyff Barcelona, Guardiola is very much like his idol Cruyff. His first tactical masterclass was famaousy beating Real Madrid with the false 9. Messi lined up as the striker buy should play deep drawing out the center backs and leaving space for Henry and Eto who were playing wide.

When he joined Bayern he spent of his first morning talking with the groundskeeper, who then spent all afternoon painting boxes on the training fields. Guardiola used these boxes to highlight the importance of positioning play and how to dominate territory in games.

Alongside playing out from the back, the inverted wing backs, winning the league without a striker and seemingly now just putting 11 players on the field that can play football. Forget positions, go and play.


For me he is the greatest that’s ever lived and surpasses Ferguson. It’s close but Guardiolas style evolution and the mark he has made on coaches globally gets him over the line.

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