Phnom Penh Crown 3-0 Kirivong (AGG: 6-0)

Phnom Penh Crown 3-0 Kirivong

PPC eased past Kirivong to set up a date with Nagaworld in this season’s League Cup Final.

First Half: PPC 1-0 Kirivong (AGG: 4-0)

It was a miserable evening with the rain coming down hard and the pitch covered in small lakes scattered everywhere.Most would have said the game was unplayable but this is Cambodia and we know rescheduling a game for the safety of the players would be out of the question.

Kirivong started the game brightly with Yannick leading the way. The forward is unplayable on his day and he looked in the mood for this.

Crown struck first though with a smart finish from Sokhay on 15 minutes. Crown had worked an opening and as the ball was laid back Sokhay lined up to shoot but instead shifted the ball to his right and smashed under the GK. That put the tie to bed but you could sense for Kirivong this was a night they wanted to win the game at the very least. They worked hard in defense and when in possession kept trying to play football although difficult on this puddle filled pitch.

Crown were still in control and creating the better chances with Neito nearly scoring a back post overhead karate kick and Pisoth missing two good chances.

Second Half: PPC 3-0 Kirivong (AGG: 6-0)

Phnom Penh Crown 3-0 Kirivong

Into the second half and the pitch finally took it’s first casualty. Yannick had picked up a corner and turned the full back inside out but as he crossed the ball the field gave way underneath him and his ankle paid the price. A lengthy time down getting treatment and surely what looks like a stretch on the injury table. This will always be the danger when you don’t take care of the players. I remember last season when Next Step played ISI I had the same debate with the officials. What I’m always trying to get across is I would rather forfeit the game than risk the health of the players, afterall it’s not like they’re insured or supported by the league and a medical bill could be the end of someone’s career or child’s education in Cambodia.

Pisoth bagged his goal on 55 minutes and Sokhay grabbed his second on the 75th minute to ends the tie, the game and any contest

The Coaches:

Venta has done a good job on his start to life at Kirivong but he will be under no illusion of the job in front of him in the top league. Tiger, Prey Veng, ISI Boeung Ket and Army will battle out on their own mini league this season whilst the top 4 battle for the title. Oleg goes from strength to strength and Crown are going to take some beating this season.

What Did We Learn?

Crown are the team to beat this season and you’d be brave to bet against them. Kirivong are much improved but still have work to do if they’re going to finish near the top of this little battle of six underneath the four 

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