PKR Svay Rieng Win Smart Womens League

PKR Svay Rieng

PKR Svay Rieng have won the prestigious Smart Women’s League according to an announcement on their official Facebook page.

You can check out the post here.

The Smart League, as previously covered by BPVE is a multi-aged competition set up by Phnom Penh Crown to fill the void of a lack of competitive football at grassroots level within the Kingdom.

And the initiative has proved extremely successful with Crown General Manager Heang Ly telling us “So far we have had almost 50 teams register, with over 1500 players. This covers under 10 through 20, as well as women’s football”.

The Phnom Penh based competition has proved so successful that a similar league was set up Siem Reap, again covering youth, as well as women’s football within the province.

PKR Svay Rieng are known as one.of the strongest proponents of women’s football within the country and will take part in the upcoming women’s Cambodian Premier League that is set to debut this year.

You can read about the Smart League here.

What is the state of women’s football within Cambodia?

Overall extremely good, with the national team actually far outshining their male counterparts at the recent SEA Games, reaching the semi-finals. The team are currently rated 118th in world football, with considerable investment having been from the national government to ensure their success.

To read about the women’s semi-final click here.

From a local perspective a new national competition is slated to start this season, organized by the Cambodian Premier League, although questions are already being asked about certain elements of the competition.

Firstly the choice of pink for for the logo has raised accusations of sexism, or a lack of understanding of women’s football, while some clubs have also raised concerns of if sufficient funding will be provided to avoid the fate of so many of the mens teams since the start of the CPL era, namely not being financially viable.

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