Sao Sokha To Remain in Charge of Cambodian Football

Sao Sokha

Sao Sokha has reversed his decision to resign as head of the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) after Prime-Minister Hun Sen intervened on his behalf and asked him to reconsider his position.

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What led to his resignation?

The FFC had stated their minimum requirement for the games to be reaching the knockout stages of the 2023 SEA Games Football Competition, something that theoretically at least could have been a formality given the group Cambodia were in.

Alas the games have not gone to plan, with Sokha stating after the last gasp draw against the Philippines that he would resign IF Cambodia failed to qualify. And following the loss to Myanmar he made good on his word and resigned.

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Why the turnaround?

The resignation and indeed the way in which took responsibility drew the attention of the Prime-Minister in quite dramatic fashion, with Sokha being asked to not only continue, but to help “walk with the players mentally and to support the young players towards their next journey”.

Sao Sokha took to the FFC’s Facebook page yesterday to confirm that he will indeed continue in the role.

What has Sokha achieved?

While it is easy to concentrate on what has gone wring within Cambodian football, it should also be noted the huge achievements that have occurred during the reign of Sao Sokha.

Said achievements are too much to list in one article, but included the hiring of Honda, who while he did actually do that well was a huge coup as an appointment.

More importantly though has been his pivotal role in morphing a largely semi-professional Cambodian League into what we have now, a two tiered Cambodian Premier League, which has seen standards drastically improve in the domestic game.

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Will this mean that Soltilo won’t dissolve?

As reported by BPVE Soltilo Angkor FC were to dissolve for unspecified reasons, with some sources potentially linking the decision to Socha’s resignation.

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Whether him staying will now change that situation is currently unknown, but Soltilo fans will certainly be hopeful there is now a chance that their club can be saved from liquidation.

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