Controversial Camera Exploit Causes Lengthy Technical Pause in SEA Games Valorant Finals

SEA Games

In a surprising turn of events at the SEA Games 32nd – Valorant finals, a camera placed on top of site A in the map Split became the center of a massive technical pause that lasted for over 6-7 hours. The incident was initially reported by CloudyAshi, shedding light on the controversy surrounding Team Singapore’s alleged exploitation of the camera bug, claimed to have been provided by Team Indonesia, granting them an unfair advantage. Interestingly, a similar camera has been used frequently in VCT NA (Valorant Champions Tour North America) without any reported issues.

The organizing committee deliberated on the matter and classified the camera bug as a minor issue that should not hinder the progress of the match. Despite various offers made to resolve the situation, Team Indonesia persistently demanded Team Singapore’s disqualification, rejecting any compromise.

One proposed solution by the organizers was to roll back the current score from 10-4 to 5-5, granting Team Indonesia an extra round. Team Singapore agreed to this resolution, but the management of Team Indonesia opposed it, causing further complications. As a result, the staff members were sent home around 2:30 AM, while the players remained at the venue until 4 AM, enduring only a brief period of rest.

At 4:30 AM, an emergency announcement was made for the production team to be prepared for the match restart at 8:00 AM, following a meeting with the International Technical Official (ITO). With only 1-2 hours of sleep, both teams faced immense pressure to perform under unfavorable circumstances.

Team Indonesia refused to accept a rematch and insisted on being awarded the gold medal. After protracted unresolved issues, Team Indonesia made the decision to forfeit the match, placing additional pressure on the organizing committee to find a resolution. Subsequently, the ITO, National Olympic Committee (NOC), Southeast Asian Games Federation (SEAGAF), and International Esports Federation (IESF) concluded that both teams would be awarded joint gold medals.

SEA Games

The final results of the SEA Games 32nd – Valorant competition are as follows: Team Singapore claimed the gold medal, Team Indonesia also received a gold medal, Team Philippines secured the bronze medal, followed by Team Vietnam in fourth place. Team Cambodia and Team Malaysia finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

The controversy surrounding the technical pause and subsequent fallout from the finals,as reported by CloudyAshi, has sparked intense discussions within the esports community, emphasizing the need for standardized rules and regulations across international tournaments to avoid such disputes in the future.

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