SEA Games: Men’s Group B Final Round Up

SEA Games

It was a day of fixtures with no real importance. The only decision bedding to be made is which of Thailand and Vietnam would play Indonesia Myanmar respectively. The other game saw Malaysia given the chance to flex some muscle.


They most certainly flexed their muscles, smashing Singapore 7-0. The game had nothing riding on it but was an opportunity for both teams to give some game time to fringe players and try to leave the competition with a smile.

Malaysia raced out the blocks and hit the post on with just 2 minutes in the clock. They were dominating space and Singapore couldn’t put 3 passes together before being hounded out of possession. Murugan opened the scoring on 15 minutes with the first of his 4 goals on the night. A tap in at the back post. The second Malay goal coming just on half time and ironically during the best spell for Singapore in the game. A sloppy pass in midfield gave up possession and within 3 passes the ball was in the back of the net and half time team talks changed for both teams.

The second half was an onslaught. Singapore came out still shell shocked from the sucker punch before half time and the Malays scored 5 goals and finally knockout this Singapore team. Muragan bagged 3 in 20 minutes before Sellah and Azif finished the night off.

The Malays could’ve been a big hit in this competition, unfortunately there still some way off the two teams above them.


The dress rehearsal for the final next Tuesday? Only Indonesia really have a chance of stopping that happening when they meet Vietnam. Although Myanmar will be no pushovers this Thai team are too good.

This was a really good game of football to watch and although the quality of the pitch slowed things down it was still an intriguing game to watch.

Thailand started brightly wanting to show their rivals who was boss. They landed a knockout blow withing the first minute when Keereerom headed home a sweeping move to make it 1-0. The Vietnamese coach had barely taken his seat before jumping up and began bellowing instructions at his players. The Thais controlled the opening exchanges without creating anything clear cut, however they still managed a couple shots from distance and some last ditch interceptions stopped certain goalscoring opportunities.

The second half was more open as both teams searched for the next goal. A second Thai goal would’ve killed it or the equalizer would set up a frantic last period.

Ten minutes into the second half Vietnam had it. A stunning free kick heading for the top corner was saved and from the resulting corner Le Qouc smashed home.

It was a game result and both teams will be happy with given they will be playing each other again next Tuesday.

What’s Next?

Thailand vs Myanmar and Vietnam vs Indonesia are the semi finals nicely set up for Saturday night.

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