SEA Games Football Over for Cambodia, But What Did We Learn?

SEA Games Football

The 2023 SEA Games group stages are over and Cambodia are out, finishing 3rd in their 5 team group and failing to progress to the next round. It has been an emotional and tense few days for the nation, so what are the takeaways and what did we learn?

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Cambodia can play football

Cambodia were decent in their victory against Timor-Leste, but were mediocre against the Philippines and damn awful against Myanmar. Against Indonesia they played with heart, soul and passion.

Despite losing 2-1 this might her been their best game of the tournament. Which really begs the question why did it take them so long to get into gear.

Cambodia has truly passionate fans

Despite being all but out the National Olympic Stadium was full and people across the country sat in bars, restaurants, on phones and tablets to watch the match. And not only watch, but cheer on their team passionately.

The team might have failed, but the fans at least did Cambodia proud.

The end of the Honda era

The Honda era has been a controversial one. On the one hand he did coach us for free and as such a well known player really helped raise the profile of Cambodian football.

On the other hand though you get what you pay for. Honda not only continued his playing career whilst managing the national team, but was rarely in the country. This NGO type attitude was doomed to failure, which is exactly what happened.

Cambodia can be grateful to Honda, but also realize that now really is the right time to move on.

The gaining of the Felix Dalmas era

While not his first spell in charge of the national team this will be Felix’s first time in sole charge of the team, meaning that the buck truly stops with him. This is far from a bad thing. Felix will receive a salary, so there will be checks and balances.

And of course he will also live in the country and watch football, something Honda did not do. This can only benefit the national team as a whole.

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The National Olympic Stadium feels like home

The National Olympic Stadium which was first build in the 1960’s to host a communist olympics  has certainly had its detractors, but the renovated arena did a truly sterling job.

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Most importantly though and unlike the soulless Morodok it actually feels like home. Having a stadium that has easy access, good facilities a realistic capacity and a great atmosphere is much more important than just looking modern.

Quite what the future might hold for the Morodok now is very much unknown.

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