SEA Games Match Day Two – Five Things we Learned

SEA Games Match Day Two

This was supposed to be the day where we won and all of our old ghosts were exorcised We did not win and said ghosts are still very much there. What though, if anything can we take away from the result?

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We face an uphill struggle to go through

This was a must win for Cambodia and must not lose for the Philippines, so it was the later that got the result they needed.

Now it boils down to equations, lose by less than 3 to Indonesia, while hoping the Philippines don’t tank a Timor-Leste side whose heads are already down by more than 4 goals.

The excuses are already being made

Had Honda won it would have been the first time he had ever won back to back matches. He did not, something very telling after this long in the hot seat.

With this being his last tournament the time for excuses are over.

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The funny shirts are only funny if you win

The attire of Honda was questioned after the first match, but didn’t matter as we won 4-0.

His shirt choice has again been questioned, but sadly there is mo recourse to shout back when you draw a must win game. Arrogance only works if you get results.

Poor Timor-Leste are out

At the AFF Under 22 Championship Timor-Leste were electric, knocking out Cambodia and finishing 3rd overall – yes a bronze medal.

One though has to seriously ask why their star player, and captain , MOuzinho has yet to start a single match.

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We need to ensure there is safety at the stadiums

The Cambodian organizers and the police have been amazing, but with that being said videoss of people trying to climb into a full stadium were disconcerting at best.

Combine this with the high fences separating fans from the pitch and you risk serious danger. This is something those of us from the UK know only too well.

Overall though a fine second day of football, and the show aint over until the fat bloke sings……

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