Siem Reap FC to Play in CPL 2

Siem Reap FC

Despite rumors to the contrary Siem Reap FC have stated their desire ti take part in CPL 2 in contrast to other regional clubs who have withdrawn from the competition.

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What are the rumors?

According to sources following the dissolution of Soltilo Angkor FC after Coach Honda fled the Kingdom a number of players were offered to Siem Reap FC on trial. Initial sources said that the club had not offered trials to the players as they would not take part in CPL 2, but after contacting a club representative this was confirmed not to be the case.

According to the club they are ready and prepared to take part in Cambodia’s second tier, should it go ahead.

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Where does it leave CPL 2?

Currently there are only a few clubs who have stated they will take part in CPL 2, namely Next Step FC, National Police, Siem Reap FC and a new Sihanoukville based enterprise.

This makes numbers precarious at best with league officials stating that the league needs at least 6 clubs to be viable. Currently teams such as EDC FC and Koh Kong are open to take part in the division should various changes be made to the competition.

What do the CPL need to do?

This could and probably will be an article in itself, but in short give financial reassurances to CPL 2 clubs, inclusive of providing far more money than they did last year. Many clubs have stated both on and off the record that the money provided by the FFC and CPL  is simply not enough to survive on.

The league will also need to become inventive and flexible if the second-tier is to survive. This could include relaxing licensing rules, as well as potentially allowing the reserve teams of big clubs such as Phnom Penh Crown, or Viskaha to take part in the second-tier.

Yet while no one knows precisely what will happen next what is clear to all is that something needs to be done to avoid a regression of club football within Cambodia, something which would be even more tragic following what a huge success the football tournament at the SEA Games has been.

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