Skyfest Kite Festival to be held in Sihanoukville

Skyfest anoukville

Cambodia is to host its first ever “kite festival” to be held at the new Bay of Lights entrainment facility in Sihanoukville, developed by Canopy Sands.

The announcement was made at a press conference hosted at Prince Tower in Phnom Penh and was hosted by various members of Prince Group, Canopy Sands, as well artists who will take part in the event.

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When will Skyfest take place?

The event is due to held from the 6th to the 7th of May, with the first day featuring a kite making workshop, a Khmer kits show, as well as a concert.

Day two will feature more lite based activities, before finishing with a laser show, as well as a DJ.

This will be the first event hosted at Bay of Lights since they broke ground late in 2022.

How big is the event expected to be?

A Bay of Lights representative stated that they expected more than 10,000 people to attend, with them further stating that they had been working closely with local hotels and travel agents, and that interest had been “huge”.

Sihanoukville, which is most famous for its casinos has been trying to concentrate more on attracting families to the coastal city, with Bay of Lights being a firm example of this.

Skyfest will also coincide with the sailing events being hosted as part of the 2023 SEA Games, which are being hosted in Cambodia. Answering a question directly from BPVE about potential synergy, Ian Tan CEO of Bay of Lights stated “With the sailing also happening in the city, this will truly be a great time to be in Sihanoukville. This will help make this a truly international event”.

You can see the SEA Games schedule here.

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