Honda’s Soltilo Angkor FC To Dissolve

Soltilo Angkor FC have reportedly dissolved according to numerous reports coming from insiders within the club. The news will potentially send shockwaves through the Cambodian Premier League and may affect the ability of CPL 2 to run in 2023-24.

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Who are Soltilo Angkor FC

Formed by Keisuka Honda, the soon to be departed national coach the club’s best league finish was 7th under current Next Step FC coach Charlie Pomroy before they were relegated in 2021.

Last season they finished a mediocre 6th in the second tier of Cambodian football, with the most recent rumors about the club being that Honda had planned to actually come and play for them.

The rumored dissolution comes after the failure of Cambodia in the SEA Games has led many to believe it is his withdrawal of backing that has led to this decision.

What does it mean for CPL2?

Last season there were 20 clubs in both CPL1 and CPL 2. Current rumors are that CPL 1 will have 10 clubs, which would have left 10 for CPL 2.

Currently it has already been confirmed that Banteay Meacnchey FC and Asia Euro United will not take part in the 2023-24 season, with only a new Sihanoukville based club so far being mooted as potential replacements.

What the CPL decides to do next is anyones guess.

And the Honda legacy?

While still very early news and again not confirmed it will certainly leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Yes Honda is leaving as national coach, but to also leave the club he founded and its fans high and dry has left many dumfounded.

It does though mean one less club in Siem Reap and a whole heap of decent players now looking for new employment, an avenue many managers are no doubt already pursuing.

Update 22-5-23

In a Facebook post dated May 22nd the club have finally confirmed their intention to dissolve, with the club stating they will make a formal announcement in early June. BPVE initially broke the story on May 8th.

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