Sports Apparel Brand Desportol Join Next Step FC Board

Next Step FC

Cambodian Premier League Two side Next Step FC have announced their new board of directors as they aim to challenge for silverware in the 2023-24 season. The new board is to include three members of the sports and fashion apparel company Desportol.

In February this year and as reported by BPVE, Desportol signed an agreement to become the clubs main kit sponsor for the upcoming season, as well as provide a club shop for both domestic and international fans.

This partnership would according to Next Sep FC head coach Charlie Pomroy “Not only help us with the supply of much needed kit, but also help us promote the brand globally with an exciting up and coming brand”

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Desportol join Next Step FC board

The news of Desportol members joining the Next Step FC board comes as part of a wider announcement by the club about the board of directors who will be in charge for the 2023-24 season.

This includes a Club President, three Vice-Presidents, a Chief-Financial Officer (CFO, as well as a Chief-Media Officer (CMO).

The three Desportol members who will serve as Vice-Presidents are Matty Li, Vincent Lau and Carlos Chan.

Speaking about their reasons for wanting to be part of Next Step FC a spokesman stated “”We chose Next Step FC for its mission to empower youth through football and education, and we’re eager to add value to this inspiring organisation.”

Desportol, who are associated with the Hong Kong based relation organization “Cambodia My 2nd Home” have recently been getting heavily involved with the promotion of football within Cambodia, which aside from the kit apparel deal with Next Step FC, has also seen them sign a number of sponsorship deals with various CPL stars.

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And according to the company this was because they saw the potential not just in Cambodian football, but the Kingdom in general, with the same repressive telling us “Cambodia’s rich history, diverse culture, and the resilience of its people inspired us to be part of their journey and make a meaningful impact.”.

What next for Next Step FC?

The announcement of the board comes after a slew of other deals and signings that the club have made in recent months, which has included players and coaches, as well as perhaps more importantly many off the field deals, principal among these being the media partner deal with BPVE.

Said partnership, which was announced on the same day as the now with Desportol will see BPVE act as the clubs exclusive media partner as Next Step FC aim in the words of Coach Pomroy to “get promotion”.

The club further added that a press release about the full membership of the board of directors could be expected within the coming weeks.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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