Standy ‘betrayed’ by Ultra teammate in shock roster change: Call Of Duty League Major 3 qualifers

Major 3

Tom Starkey

Toronto Ultra started off the Major 3 qualifiers with a shock drop of flex player Standy, a highly rated player who won rookie of the year just 2 seasons ago, after their first match on Friday.

The move saw rookie Hicksy step up from the substitute bench for their second game on Sunday, however, controversy over the dropping ensued after a series of Tweets from Standy.

The move came after Toronto Ultra suffered a shock defeat to Boston Breach on the opening day.

As news began to circulate about Standy, the player first Tweeted out that he needs to get better to regain his spot before later Tweeting that the reason for his being dropped was due to being ‘betrayed’ by his teammate.

Rumors are that he was referring to controversial player Scrappy, who has earned a reputation for being cutthroat when it comes to competition.

Meanwhile, OpTic Texas and the New York Subliners were the only teams to go undefeated, in a weekend of CDL action that not many would have predicted.

Friday face-off

LA thieves suffered a shock loss to Vegas Legion in the first event of the Major 3 qualifiers on Friday, beaten convincing 3-1. In the following matchup, Subliners were taken to a game 5 before securing the win against Minnesota Rokker.

Toronto Ultra then was taken 3-1 by Boston Breach, which resulted in the dropping of Standy to the substitute bench.

Saturday action

Boston Breach kicked off the qualifiers on Saturday, taking the London Royal Ravens to a game 5 before taking the last game to claim a 3-2 win, the first time they have won a game 5 this season.

All eyes were on the new addition to the squad Beanz, who had a lot to prove not only because of the hype around his name but also because he has replaced COD legend Methodz, who retired from professional play last week.

COD commentator, TacticalRab, said the rookie had a solid game.

“Beanz really stepped up on the AR, getting 10k plus damage on the board, far and away above the rest of the players. It was a close affair, but there is still a long way to go for sure.”

“It’s funny that Boston wins their first game 5 as soon as Methodz retire, but in all honesty, London has a bad record in game 5 two.”

The next game saw FaZe run rampant on Florida Mutineers, winning in a 3-0 fashion with the newest addition to the FaZe roster – slasher – dropping a 1.68 kill-death ratio in arguably his best performance all season.

Next, the new OpTic Texas squad, which recently replaced iLLey with rookie Ghosty, got their first win on the board against Los Angeles Guerrillas (LAG), but it was by no means easy.

After blowing LAG away in game one hard point, they lost both the Search & Destroy and Control game modes, which meant they were down 2-1. The talent proved the difference on the day, however, as they went on to win the final two games to take the series 3-2.

Talking about the series, COD legend Aches said, “I’m not convinced by this OpTic roster, they should have come out today and made a statement and beat LAG 3-0.

The final game on Saturday saw Surge bounce back from a recent string of bad results with a solid 3-0 over Minnesota Rokker.

Sunday slaughter!

The Subliners ended a successful weekend with a 3-0 slaughter of bottom-of-the-league Florida Mutineers before Toronto got their first win of the weekend over Vegas Legion with new player Hicksy dropping a 0.83 KD on his first outing with the squad.

Finally, LA thieves got a little revenge on FaZe for this loss in the Major 2 finals, beating them fairly convincingly 3-1 on Sunday.

The weekend matches just go to show how competitive this year’s league is, with no guaranteed winners from any matchups within the league.

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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