CPL Score Big With Super Cup Day

Super Cup Day

The Cambodian Premier League have scored big this month, with a swath of TV and sponsorship deals, as well as now hosting what was in some ways the most professionally run cup final in Cambodia’s footballing history.

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What was Super Cup Day?

Being hosted on both the 29th and 30th it was more Super Cup days, but the plan went as such. The final would be held at the National Olympic Stadium (a genius move), the CPL would set up stalls and fan zones outside the stadium and professional clubs would be invited to do the same.

The aim? To create an experience, an event and perhaps most importantly give an avenue for clubs to not only interact with fans, but also promote themselves. There was of course an economic element too, with the CPL not only providing this free of charge, but clubs being given the ability to sell everything from club shirts to season tickets.

Super Cup Day
Which clubs participated in Super Cup Day?

Of course the standards of the stalls varied, with huge clubs like Visakha really being on it. But a special mention should be given to both Angkor City FC, as well as Life FC of the second division. Both not only had decent stands, but again paid money, recruited volunteers and traveled to take part from outside of Phnom Penh.

Sadly only five clubs participated in day one, namely Phnom Penh Crown, Visakha, Angkor City FC, Life FC and briefly Angkor Tiger. Day two also saw Prey Veng and ISI. This obviously left some huge and notable absentees, such as PKR Svay Rieng, Kirivong, Nagaworld, Boeung Ket and Tiffy to name but a few.

Why they did not take part is not known, but it can be seen as a bit of a slap in the face to the CPL, as well as fans, particularly as two clubs came from CPL 2 and four from out of province.

Was it a s success?

Overall Super Cup Day can be seen as a huge success. With hindsight it perhaps should have been a day shorter and more advance warning could have been given, but this is exactly the kind of thing fans wanted from the CPL.

Here’s the CPL vision

The vision set out by CPL boss Satoshi Sato was to modernize the league, get in more sponsors and raise the profile of Cambodian football. Last season he was criticized, but as things look right now it appears that history might well absolve him.

Hopefully more than just the seven participating clubs at the event can also throw their weight behind the modernization of the game.

And the final itself? It did not disappoint….

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