Angkor City FC to Play at Svay Thom

Svay Thom

An old and iconic Cambodian football stadium is about to get a rebirth, with the news tha second divisiont Angkor City FC will play their home matches there during the 2023-24 domestic season.

The club had previously been slated to play their games at the Hanuman Stadium, but alas with Angkor Tiger and Siem Reap United calling it home it has become a little overcrowded.

Despite there currently being no less than 4 new stadiums in the works for Siem Reap, as things currently stand there is not enough to go around – hence the new builds.

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What to know about Svay Thom?

A little bit out of town it is currently the oldest and least used stadium within the city, with Siem Reap FC currently the only other tenants. Despite the stadium’s age there are decent home and away dressing rooms, as well as seating for thousands of fans. Said seating though is on a stone stand.

And while it is only a temporary move, Angkor City FC owner Charlie Pomroy was still excited about the move telling BPVE “The stadium offers a lot more atmosphere than Hanuman, as well as the ability to really make it our own. We are planning on getting people selling food and merchandise outside and hopefully turning match days into a real event”.

Angkor City are currently in plans to make an eco-friendly stadium that was even written about by World Cup winner Gerard Pique, but it is currently unknown when that will be built.

Generally speaking clubs are supposed to have their own stadiums as part of CPL licensing, although there seems to be at. Least some leeway with this.

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