Cambodia Flying Home With Heads Held High, Thailand 2-0 Cambodia

Thailand 2-0 Cambodia

FH: Thailand 0-0 Cambodia

On the surface, if you’ve missed tonight’s game, you’ll see the result and assume it was an expected win for Thailand over a team they always beat. However it was anything but.
Cambodia opened the game the better if the two sides, Sor Ratana his usual menacing self and Nora is made for the wing back role.
Thailand, as predicted, were playing with a weakened side but still strong across the board.
Both teams had half chances in the first period with Cambodia soaking up pressure and then hitting the counter attack very effectively.

SH: Thailand 2-0 Cambodia

Coming out in the second half it was now do or did for the Khmer warriors. As the rain came crashing down there was a real feel that tonight is the night to make history.
That dream was dead five minutes later when Lyheng deflected past his own goalkeeper to give Thailand the lead. It was a real sucker punch for the boys and usually you would’ve seen us shrink. Tonight we did not. Instead after some tactical changes from Felix Cambodia came back at Thailand forcing three excellent saves in quick succession

As the stats indicate Cambodia were no rollover. In the 80th minute a deadly delivery from a free kick on the right hand side was again deflected into our own net by Houth ending any dreams of a great night.

What Did We Learn?

Cambodia have a platform on which to build and going into the world cup qualifiers next month that’s great news. We’re still lacking depth and any cutting edge but what we’re doing is building block by block. These three games were all good from a Cambodia point of view and I for one will be happy to appluad the players of 6 the plane when they arrive home, just as long as none of them are posting #jobdone on their social media this is a real positive start.

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