The Best of The Best? An Interview with Oleg Starynskyi

Oleg Starynskyi

After narrowly winning the Cambodian League Cup, Phnom Penh Crown potentially sit at the gates of history. Could they win 3 titles in a row as well as the quadruple?

BPVE went to talk to coach Oleg Starynskyi about the upcoming season, as well as what he feels needs to be done in order to improve youth player development within the Kingdom.

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Oleg, what was the key to winning the League Cup?

Firstly thanks for giving us the opportunity to speak to BPVR. For us most importantly was us taking the cup seriously. Essentially it was also a great chance for the new players to jell with the rest of the squad as well as prepare for the new season and the AFC Cup.

Which teams most impressed you during the Cambodian league Cup

Obviously Nagaworld who we only narrowly beat, they obviously also took the tournament very seriously. Kirivong were also extremely impressive and with their new coach, players and attitude are are more likely to be around the middle, rather than bottom of the table in the cooling season.

Can Phnom Penh Crown win the quadruple?

Our aim is to compete in every competition that we enter. There are no friendly competitions for us and we always go out to win. This though will be an interesting season, a longer season and one with lots of innovations, so who knows? Make no mistake though our aim is to win every competition that we enter.

So, ves the quadruple is our aim.

How are you preparing to defend your tot elk and can we expect further signings?

We are back training full-time, as well as playing more matches. We have a camp planned for Thailand against string teams, specifically to get ourselves prepared to challenge for the AFC Cup.

Signings wise we still have one ASEAN spot available, so that is a priority. Local wise we already have a strong core squad. We’ve moved a few academy players to the first team and have at least two players in commotion for each position.

Squad wise I am extremely happy with here at the club.

Will Phnom Penh Crown be entering team in CPL 2?

For us the most important thing is having a competitive Cambodian Premier League, as well as a functioning youth league at under-15 and under-18 level. In essence we would have to have two squads with different coaches and players if we were going to enter a team in CPL 2. Sadly this is not useful or feasible.

Rules would also mean that we could not swap players between the divisions thus meaning we’d need to get a second set of players as well as a coach. My personal view is that an actual reserve league would be more advantageous to all involved. Lets say one of our players sits on the bench on Saturday they could still play in the reserves on Sunday for example.

And lets not forget the extra costs if we enter CPL 2. Going to places such as Kirivong, Koh Kong, or out to Siem Reap affects the budget. We though hope a compromise can be reached.

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