Tickets for Svay Rieng vs Phnom Penh Crown sell out in 3 hours


Tickets for the upcoming Svay Rieng vs Phnom Penh Crown match have reportedly sold out in a record 3 hours according to sources from the club. Despite the prestige of the game, this is still relatively unchartered territory for the CPL.

As recently reported by BPVE Svay Rieng have spent the summer renovating their stadium in order to increase capacity, but are currently waiting for the lsat stand to be completed, which the club have said will be done “within a month”.

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Svay Rieng vs Phnom Penh Crown – background

Phnom Penh Crown are the most successful club in Cambodia, while PKR Svay Rieng have often been seen as executors of the beautiful game, at times compared to Arsenal in the EPL. In fact the club even had their own “invincible’s” period, where they went a record amount of games unbeaten.

Yet despite this and much like Arsenal some have opined that they have not won enough trophies, although they are still the second most successful modern club after Crown. 

Svay Rieng vs Phnom Penh Crown in 2022

The rivalry has only been intensified by what happened last season when Svay Rieng led the title for the whole season, only to be pipped at the end by a resurgent Phnom Penh Crown side.

Svay Rieng could point to the uneven amount of home and away fixtures they had, but regardless the loss still hit them hard.

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So, while this match will hardly decide the title this year, the physiological impact it will have on the winners and losers should not be underestimated.

Fans without tickets will be able to watch the match live on BTV tonight.

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