Futsal – 2023 Tiger Cup Reaches Final Round

Tiger Cup

Cambodian Futsal’s premium competition the Tiger Cup has now reached its final round with the 6 groups winners now playing off for the chance to not only be national champions, but also represent the country regionally.

Format of the Tiger Cup

Currently the Tiger Cup, which has been running since 2017 represents the pinnacle of both professional and semi-professional Futsal within the Kingdom. Futsal being the indoor version of Association Football that is extremely popular in certain parts of the globe.

The 2023 Competition featured 5 groups, with the winners of each, as well as the best second placed team qualifying for the 6 team final.

What will the final round consist of?

The final will see the 6 teams play-off against each in what is expected to be a double round-robin with the top team crowned champions, although much like the CPL the format is subject to change.

The qualifying teams are as follows;

Seoul Young Gun (Group A)

Ov Mal FC (Group B)

Mean Bampong Kdaw Sruoy (Group C)

Down Town Sport (Group D)

Avatar FC (Group E)

Taichi FT (Group C best runner-up).

The winners will get a chance to represent Cambodia in the AFF Club Futsal Cup, which pits the best of ASEAN against each other. Cambodia have yet to win a medal in the competition, which has been won six out of nine times by Thai sides.

The Blue Warriors, who were related to Visakha FC won the 2022 championship, before their host club withdrew funding.

You can read about that project here

Unlike in other Futsal leagues around the world professional (CPL) clubs tend not to have relations, or run Futsal teams.

The Future of Cambodian Futsal

Still a relative minority sport within the Cambodia, it is still under the auspices of the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC).

According to Khul Phyrum head of Futsal at the FFC a new national tournament was currently being planned with him stating ““We want to try a second championship that is nationwide and might attract over 100 teams. This would then go down to the top eight clubs in the country, who would then compete on a league basis”.

You can read out interview with him here

For now though, you will have to put up with the Tiger Cup, at least until August 5th and the start of the Cambodian Premier League.

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