Timor-Leste 3 Philippines 0 – Cambodia Thrown a Lifeline

Timor-Leste 3 Philippines 0

In a game where the Philippines were expected to comfortably win, a full strength Timor-Leste team not only threw out the rule book, but at the same time gave Cambodia an unexpected qualification lifeline.

Timor-Leste 1 Philippiens 0

For whatever reason Timor-Leste have not been playing their strongest team, until this match anyway. Star player and captain Mouzinho has been restricted to cameos, Jhon has barely had a look in, while Elias Mequita hadn’t played at all.

Well they were all present in this game and what a difference it made. Timor, who began the game with desire and intensity broke the deadlock in just the 15th minute when, who else but Mouzinho sunk the ball in the net, his first of the tournament.

And far from sit on their laurels they kept attacking, with Mouzinho unlucky not to get a second before the interval.

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Timor-Leste 3 Philippines 0

Timor-Leste 3 Philippines 0

Considering how well the Philippines played against both Indonesia and Cambodia you’d have expected more fight from them going into the second-half, but they came out after the break the weaker of the two sides.

And they were again undone in the 55th minute when relative unknown Figo latched onto a cross to double the lead and send the heads of the Philippines team into free fall. Insult was then added to injury in stoppage time when Elias Mequita, who is rumored to be moving to Cambodia slipped home a trademark goal in the dying seconds, much to the happiness of the small visiting contingent.

What does it mean?

It means time to get our your calculators and pieces of paper, as quite literally any team could go through. As things stand Indonesia are all but qualified having won both of their opening matches. Cambodia sit second on 4 points, Timor-Leste 3rd on 3 points and then Myanmar on 3.

This theoretically puts Cambodia in the driving seat, but fails against Myanmar, or Timor-Leste pulling an upset against arch rivals Indonesia and all bets are quite literally off.

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